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I am a independent SEO expert working with some of New Zealand's largest agencies and companies across New Zealand  and Australia. Supplying results driven SEO, striving for an ever increasing ROI for your brand and using organic search solutions tailored to meet your needs and budget.


SEO Auckland based Search Engine Optimisation Company

Why is your website not performing and your competitors are? It is simply a fact that your competitors have employed an SEO Company who are experts at attracting visitors that are meaningful and relevant to the services and products you supply.

In an ideal world you would like your website to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERPS). Or get to the top of the search page for your selected keyword for each page you optimize. Moving Web is a SEO Auckland based company who delivers' Search Engine Optimisation that follows the latest techniques but also has the management and sales experience that understands good business drivers.

Style and looks may make your website attractive and engaging when visitors arrive but if you cannot be found you may as well keep your website on a USB key in your pocket! It's like sending out an immaculate invitation to your next office party but forgetting to put the address on it.

Contact us if you wish to increase relevant traffic to your site or would like to improve aspects of your search engine marketing - from Organic search traffic to paid search advertising.

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Organic search is the dominant channel for most on-line visitors for a typical website. Ensuring that you maximise your appearance in search ensures not only relevant visitors but can improve on paid  ROI.


Spend time on Keyword research and then some more. Understand your customers intent rather than just volume. Think like a user when working on a keyword research and a content strategy to match.


Create Unique, Interesting and Informative content for the user with great organic search visibility. Supply content that deserves and wants to be shared, then measure and optimise and measure again!


Identify your local market and those areas that you wish to target geographically and supply content relevant to your services and customers needs. Each site rewards are different depending on the strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Designing an SEO-friendly website that produces high organic search rankings is an essential component of today's best website designs. Simply put, the higher a site’s SEO rankings, the more likely the site will receive web traffic via search engines and achieve the results you are seeking.

Without high rankings in search engine results, websites have to rely solely on searchers typing the exact web address, company name or linking to the website in question from some other means. True Search Engine Optimisation and its measurement of success is typing in the services you offer in the geographical area you have targeted and achieving high page rankings.

For example, if you are selling, providing or running a Gardening Services in a town in New Zealand, or are looking to improve your SEO Auckland rankings, you want Google and other search engines to bring up your site whenever a person searches for "Gardening Services". The closer you can get to the top of the first page of search rankings the more traffic you are likely to receive and subsequently more actual enquiries.

Searches on your company name will and should, deliver a result near the top of the first page but there is no guarantee a customer will know your brand or company name prior to entering a search query. By using Search Engine Optimisation on your site your potential customer is much more likely to discover your business outside of your brand name.
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