You’re now ranking on Page 1 for Google… now what’s next?

8 Sep

You’re now ranking on Page 1 for Google… now what’s next?

Many clients wonder whether their time should be focussed purely on SEO or on adwords with mixed feelings and past experiences for each however we think these strategies can work very well together in unison. SEO and Adwords when working together can help bring incremental results and data uncovered from either campaign can be used in conjunction to maximise your ROI.

Owning page 1 of Google and having an Ad and organic search listing creates the impression you are established and a well trusted brand. This will help increase click through rate not only on paid search but organic too helping you secure your next deal.

Top performing adwords data can be replicated into your SEO strategy, focussing on keywords that drive higher conversions and profitability and vice versa. A well managed and linked campaign gives you more information to analyse and implement into your strategy.

Recently Google ran over 400 studies on paused adwords campaigns to see if organic traffic would pick up and make up for the loss paid traffic. The results were very interesting…

They concluded that 89% of traffic generated by adwords was not replaced by oraganic clicks when ads were paused.  The study can be found on

Here are the benefits of each:


  • You don’t pay per click but yet focus on on-site and off-site optimisation to yield results
  • Some visitors will only click an organic result – being part of this selection will bring in business opportunities
  • Analytics around visitors can enlighten marketing initiatives, key drivers and the behaviour of your audience
  • While focussing on SEO, inadvertently you have also made your website easier to navigate for real people while they are on your website.


  • You can set your daily budget
  • You only pay per click – any missed opportunity is simply that and not money spent.
  • Ads can easily be manipulated to add content such as site links, click to call, phone extensions, location extensions.
  • Ads are placed at the top of Google search results (the first 3 results are paid ads)
  • You can start appearing for results immediately.
  • It can full a void while building your organic results.

Ranking Page 1 Google-Online Marketing Company

In an ideal world, you would run both to reap benefits from both sides of Google. Firefly Search a online Marketing Agency can help your business succeed in paid and organic search. They are an Auckland based, online marketing company.