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Why is your website not performing and your competitors are? It is simply a fact that your competitors have employed an SEO Company who are experts at attracting visitors that are meaningful and relevant to the services and products you supply. 

In an ideal world you would like your website to appear on the first page of the search engines result page (SERPS). Or getting to the top of the search page for your selected keyword for each page you optimize. Moving Web is a SEO Auckland based company who supply's Search Engine Optimisation that follows the latest techniques but also has the management and sales experience that understands good business drivers. 

Building a website that meets your design criteria and outperforms your competitors in look and style is not enough and can be frustrating when these "un-cool" competitors websites outperform your dismal traffic and search rankings.

Style and looks may make your website attractive and engaging when they arrive but if you are not found you may as well keep your website on a USB key in your pocket! It's like sending out a immaculately designed invitation to your next office party but you forgot to put the address on it.  

Contact us if you wish to increase the relevant traffic to your site or would like improve aspects of your search engine marketing from Organic search traffic to paid search.

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  • Organic search is the dominant channel in ALL On-line activity by consumers. Most if not all on-line activity begins with a keyword search in Google or other search engines such as Bing.
  • Spend time on Keyword research and then some more. Understand your customers intent rather than just volume. Think like a user when working on a keyword research and content strategy. 
  • Create Unique, Interesting and Informative content for the user with organic search visibility. Supply content that deserves and wants to be shared, then measure and optimise and measure again!
  • Identify your local market and those areas that you wish to target geographically and supply content relevant to your services and customers needs. Reach out via social media and a reliable back link strategy. 

We Offer...

  • Full keyword research and competitive analysis of your on-line competition.
  • Full on page assessment of all your sites pages to discover what is working and what missed opportunities need to be addressed.
  • Ensure that your sites viability is well represented across all the major search engines including full indexing of the sites pages.
  • Identify page errors and work with web admins to address these issues to maximise the SEO potential. Whether it is targeting SEO Auckland requirements or across New Zealand or globally.
  • Search Engine OptimisationIdentify the page and URL structure to maximize the on page SEO Optimisation.
  • SEO ServicesIdentify new opportunities that represent the services and products you supply.
  • SEO company Content specialistWe work with content managers or supply content that gives the users the information they seek.
  • Google Page rankingsSEO that is current and that follows Google's recommended guidelines. As well as offering SEO Training to content creators and product managers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Designing an SEO-friendly website that produce's high organic search rankings is an essential component of today’s best website designs. Simply put the higher a site’s SEO rankings, the more likely the site will receive web traffic via the search engines and achieve the results you are looking for.

Without high rankings in search engine results, websites would have to rely solely on searchers typing the exact web address, company name or linking to the website in question from some other means. True Search Engine Optimisation and it's measurement of success is typing in the services you offer in the geographical area you have targeted and achieving high page rankings.

For example if you are running a Gardening Services in a town in New Zealand or maybe looking to improve your SEO Auckland rankings, you would want Google and other search engines to bring up your site whenever a person searches for "Gardening Services". The closer you are to the top of the first page of search listings the more traffic and subsequently more inquiries. Searching for your company name will and should bring it near the top but you cannot rely on customers knowing the Brand  name of your company to achieve good search results.

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