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SEO keywords, it is all about Relevant Traffic!

 Eric Rudolphe - Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not too long ago I was visiting a client and caught myself repeating the word relevant about three times in two minutes. At the time I thought I need to widen my vocabulary but instead felt it is what best describes the true purpose of good Organic SEO results.

Increasing traffic towards a clients site is certainly is a sure fire way of showing what a great SEO Company you are but it is certainly not the measurement that shows actual success. Sure some site are just looking for mass traffic and make a quick buck on banner advertising impressions and PPC but most are sites looking for relevant visitors that are seeking your product or services.

See, I mentioned it again that word relevant, it just fits perfectly with what this SEO Business is all about. Even when searching for that Golden Keyword that brings in a bucketful of new enquiries think relevancy!

When brainstorming with a new client as to the keywords we select for a new campaign it is important to constantly question the keywords selected by asking yourself.

Is this keyword as relevant as possible to the services or products you supply?

Google has one intention, give the searcher the best most relevant search result in order of relevancy.

With that been Google's intention then it better be your intent when targeting keywords and phrases.

Measuring relevancy

When analysing Analytics and passing on results to my clients I ensure that the bounce rate is reflected highly in any traffic and keyword ranking report.

Simply put the higher the bounce rate the more irrelevant traffic you are attracting!

Bounce rate is the measurement of visitors landing on a page and leaving within a short period of time and not engaging in any way with the site.

Sure there may be a element of people that just land on the page for a quick telephone number at the top of the home page but these figures are taken into consideration as to what is a considered a good average percentage bounce rate.

It is all in the Bounce

Many a SEO Services Company consider a range between 60% and 70% as a pass rate but it is certainly worth looking at your individual keyword strategy for any figures higher than this.

Having a overall bounce rate for your site is fine but the devil is in the details. As a extreme example consider a supplier of high end photographic lighting equipment.

Very happy with his traffic but his bounce rate is high 90%. Looking into his Analytics he finds that 75% of his traffic is from the term "lighting supply Auckland" with a bounce rate of 100%.

Traffic looks great as a total but effectively this means that 75% of the visits are irrelevant and not a true result of the sites performance, as this traffic is certainly people looking for household lighting and realising they do not want to spend two thousand dollars on a hand held flash, click back, Gone!

So carefully monitor the bounce rate for keywords you target before you celebrate success!

This becomes even more important if you are a small to medium size business with not a great deal of content or pages.

 SEO Services Company - Reduce bounce rate

Therefore your SEO Services Company needs to ensure that what there is, is relevant to the traffic you  attract and the keywords you select!

In Conclusion

Steps to avoid this common mistake of irrelevant traffic is to take advantage of the content you have. Get your SEO Service Company specialist to carefully point your well thought out relevant content to each relevant keyword for each page!

Mobile traffic on a non responsive web design and bad first impressions are certainly a factor in adding to bounce rate and should not be ignored. So check your mobile traffic against bounce. It may be time for your old side to become more mobile friendly with a responsive web design.

See I am getting better, I mentioned relevant eleven times in the time you read this article. Maybe fourteen next week!

I hope this article was relevant to your needs!

28-Jul-2014 12:17 PM - Phillip
Superb page, Continue the wonderful work. thnx.
04-Aug-2014 01:51 PM - Jacques
Many thanks very practical. Will share site with my good friends.

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